To one side of the apse at the end of the right aisle, is the Chapel of the Holy Sacrament with three altars. Started in 1753 and completed in 1781, it contains elegant rococo stucco work. It is accessed by a fine gate made in 1791 by Girolamo Muccio and Gioacchino Bellomia, blacksmiths from Avola. Inside the chapel the vault is decorated with the Sacrifice of Noah and the Easter Lamb, attributed for their style to Domenico Provenzani. The central altar has been reworked in a neoclassical style, and rests on a raised base covered by eighteenthcentury Neapolitan riggiole floor tiles, the same as those used for the baptismal font. At the sides of the altar are the Institution of the Sacrament of the Eucharist and the Cleansing of the Temple, paintings donated in 1783 by Antonino Sirugo of Avola, Baron of Meti and Santa Domenica. Leading on from them on the walls there are oval paintings with the Divine Sacred Heart and the Divine Shepherdess, both similar in style to the previous two.

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